What are Paperweights for?

Glass can be blown, spun, molded or drawn into limitless shapes, textures and colors. The beauty, elegance and significance of the paperweight makes you want to start a collection. Each paperweight is unique in design, they come in variety of shapes and colors.

Paperweights are collected and appreciated as works of art. They are made entirely out of glass, they are heavy and often used as a decorative object rather than placed on loose papers to hold them down. Glass paperweights were first made in the late 19th century, since than we are fascinated by these objects.

The earliest paperweights were made in Venice in 1840s. Bohemians improved the techniques of the Venetians, and incorporated the artistry of the French, who really brought the art of the paperweight into full flower. Three French glass manufacturers - Baccarat, St. Louis and Clichy, have produced the finest paperweights in history. Paperweights from these three companies are the most expensive and most valued by collectors today.

Recently, crystal and glass paperweights have been selling as promotional items. Paperweights are given for accomplishment of a project, establishment of a partnership or business anniversary and for many other reasons.

There are so many paperweight collectors. Those who want to learn more about paperweights, should join an organization for paperweight collectors. Several of them hold national or regional conventions, and sponsor activities. The Paperweight Collectors Association publishes an annual bulletin and quarterly newsletters with a lot of information for buyers and also for sellers.