Custom Orders

Crystal is a wonderful element to work with and through the superb abilities of our craftsmen and their ability to bend the very nature of crystal, we can create almost any design and apply it to our high quality optical cut crystal. Although this is our mission, please be advised that this process requires hard work and therefore we need as much information as you can provide about your design and the end result you require. It is also helpful if you can provide us with the intended use of the item or items.

Technical requirements:
Camera ready, high pixel JPG images, Corel or Photoshop drawings or any other scratch work that best describes your project.

Minimum order:
50 pieces, except:
Wedding Favors : 100 pcs,
Key chains : 250 pcs.

Set-up Fees:
A fair set-up fee of $125.00 will be expected on the first order. There are no set-up fees for followingup orders for the same item.

Lead Time & Quantity:

50 to 100 pieces : 4 weeks
101 to 250 pieces : 6 weeks
251 to 500 pieces : 8 weeks
501 to 1000 pieces : 10 weeks
1001 and above : 12 weeks

Why work with us?
*We are conscientious and we care.
*We pay attention to detail.
*Our goal is to give you the best possible customized work.
*Our pricing is fair and reasonable!

For a more complete overview of Crystal Florida and its products, please be sure to read the rest of our policies and if you have further inquiries, please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. Our friendly team is always available to answer your inquiries. It is strongly suggested to use "Live Chat" option at the right top of this page in order to get an instant response.

Thank you for your business.

Crystal Florida Team